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Descripción de la Actividad

An enjoyable descent in the river with a pneumatic boats. There are three rivers to practice this activity.

RÍO CINCA (Spring): Easy and funny trip perfect to do it with children.
 RÍO ARA (Spring) The biggest wild river of the Pyrenees, only possible to navigate during the thaw season.
 RÍO ÉSERA (Primavera-Verano) The hydro electric exploitation, guarantees sufficient water during the whole season. Two options:

  • Rafting Full-Day: 3 hours and 18 km of ejoyment. The first part (2/3 of the trip) we do with children from 8 years and older. The last part of the trip, that is called “las Piramides” we only run with adults.
  • Rafting Santaliestra: 1h 1/2 Ideal for families with children

Detalle de la actividad

  • Época del año: Primavera Verano
  • Duración de la actividad:
  • Edad mínima:

    More than 6 years old

  • Zona:
  • Precio:
  • Material: 

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